convert youtube into mp3

Convert YouTube Into MP3-Convertible

Yes, Convert youtube into Mp3 and now can be played in your iPod or computer system. With the help of a software application you can extract the sound file from the upload video and convert the file into the desired format. This process has few simple steps to be followed and you can get your favourite music played anytime on your system. To convert this file you need the support of an application because all the video in YouTube are flash videos which cannot be converted easily. As soon as the normal video files are uploaded into YouTube they are converted into flash video with the help of flash player and shared in the website. So, this application will help us in the conversion process.

If you want to convert a file, you want to search for the video file in YouTube which you want to convert. Simultaneously search for software applications online which help you in doing the process. While searching you will find a number of applications, you need to look for good and reliable software which is compatible in your system and meets your requirements. Select software which clearly mentions about convert youtube videos mp3 feature because any other conversion will not serve the purpose. Once you have identified the software, go through the features and materials and after getting satisfied with the functionality install the application into the system.

During installation make sure that there are no other applications getting downloaded along with this and none of the check boxes are selected because unnecessary downloads damage the system and there is also a chance of downloading virus without the knowledge. Once the software is installed in the system, run the program. Once the program starts it will prompt to enter the URL address of the YouTube video file you want to convert. Copy the URL from YouTube video which you have selected already and paste it in the given box and before clicking ok also mention the format type in which you wish to extract. The video file is then downloaded and converted into a sound file. While extracting the file it a small window pops up asking you to save the file or it asks you to select the location of the file to be stored. The file in the desired format is then converted and stored in the preferred location.


Once the conversion is completed, it is advised to play the file and check the settings first. You need to check with the quality and compatibility of the sound. If you are not satisfied you need to repeat the process again with a better quality video file otherwise you can burn it on to the disk or download it to your player and enjoy listening to your favourite song. This feature of convert youtube into mp3 is very helpful and a convenient process which allows you to convert files for people who have a passion for collecting variety of music.